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Traveling can be an exhausting experience yet traveling to Belize is EASY!  Once you have your passport and a ticket to Belize International airport (BZE) we can handle the rest.  No visa is required for US citizens.  Other countries should check with the Belize Embassy before travel as different rules may apply.  As soon as you have tickets in hand, let our staff arrange for your flight to the island, transfers to/from the property, provisions for your Villa, a golf cart, fishing snorkeling or any other adventures you would like to book!

We recommend you bring shorts, swimwear, and light clothing (it is the tropics after all).  The atmosphere on the island is easy, casual and friendly.  Even at the nicer restaurants in town a sundress or khaki's and flip flops are perfectly acceptable. Most restaurants are open air, although there are a few indoor with air conditioning.  In the winter or rainy months a light jacket or light rain coat may be nice during a pop up shower or a cool breeze in the evening.


Bring plenty of Sunscreen as the sun is a little closer to the island than you may have at home.  You will need it.  For Dusk a little bug spray is a good idea and that's it!  We can do the rest for you.  Take a look at our site to find out more about our rooms, and all the services we offer.  Questions, Give us a call!

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