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5 Ways To Experience San Pedro Like A Local: Travel tips for people visiting the island

The city of San Pedro is a must-see vacation spot, in part owing to Madonna's blockbuster song "La Isla Bonita." The metropolis currently has a population of around 10,000 people and is anticipated to continue growing as mainlanders and expatriates seek to make this tropical island their permanent home.

The town has a classic Caribbean feel, and it is bordered by turquoise seas ringed with white sand. You will always hear the soothing sounds of reggae pumping in the background, no matter where you go. Anywhere you go in the city, you will not be too far from a beautiful white sand beach and a drink to sip on it.

The village is dotted with low-rise hotels, beachfront lodges, vacation rentals, and condominiums that fit any budget. There are several places to eat in St. Maarten, ranging from the more pricey resort-style restaurants that cost a pretty penny to bars and even street vendors that are very inexpensive. To promote tourism, no hotel or structure may be taller than the height of a coconut tree or four stories total.

How to Get to San Pedro

From Belize City, you may either fly or take a boat to San Pedro Town. It will take around 20 minutes by plane for about $90. If you opt for a water taxi to San Pedro, expect a journey of around 75 minutes and another $38 in cash for round-trip passage.

5 things to do in San Pedro Belize's most popular places

1. Explore by Golf Cart

Renting a golf cart is without a doubt the greatest way to get around and one of the finest things to do in San Pedro Belize. On the island, you'll notice that this is the normal mode of transportation for locals. You'll need to go somewhere if you aren't staying in San Pedro city center.

You'll also be able to visit Secret Beach, which is another one of our top recommendations for Belize excursions, and explore the bars and restaurants in the area.

2. Go to the Secret Beach

The Secret Beach no longer seems to be a secret, as you'll find many beach goers enjoying its turquoise waters and relaxing on the soft sand. Secret Beach is located seven miles north of San Pedro on the western coast of Ambergris Caye, and has kilometers of clear seas free of seaweed and a tranquil atmosphere.

The Secret Beach can be reached by golf cart, but it may also be accessed by Jet Ski or a boat. If you're driving, keep in mind that the journey will take around 45 minutes each way and is bumpy as you head west.

Early in the day to relax on the beach with bird-eye view of mangrove islands in the distance, swim in the warm sea, and refuel with delicious local cuisine from beachside eateries. On-site paddleboard and kayak rentals are available.

3. Drink with the Locals

The nightlife in San Pedro is legendary! Have a few drinks or go all out; you're on an island, let loose, have fun, dance until your feet hurt, and stay up until the sun rises. You're on vacation.

The Best San Pedro Bars

Monday: Red Ginger offers half-price wine in Phoenix.

Tuesday Wine + Sushi at Blue Water Grill and Wine de vine

Wednesday: Pedro Inn's Ladies' Night features half-price champagne, while Red ginger offers ladies' night with half-price cocktails.

Thursday: Sushi at Blue Water Grill and Lola's are must-dos for first-timers on the island. It's a necessity to try local cuisine, which fish out of water is known for.

Friday: Anything on the front street, and Red ginger has half-priced wine.

4. Visit the Belize Chocolate Company's factory

Did you know that the Mayans consumed a chocolate beverage every day for thousands of years? The Mayans would grind cacao beans with corn and spices to make a drink they drank daily for nutrition. While the drink is not the same as today's hot chocolate, we should credit the Mayans for bringing cacao beans to Mesoamerica.

Belize has long been recognized for its excellent chocolate, and on a visit to the Belize Chocolate Company in San Pedro you may be the judge of that. The company obtains beans from small farmers in Southern Belize's Toledo District, which is one of the country's major chocolate producers. You may learn about the bean-to-bar manufacturing process and enjoy delectable samples with a chocolate-making class (the chocolate-covered caramel is a fave).

5. Take a boat for a sunset cruise or to visit a sandbar

You might have your own unique experience at one of our sandbars if you rent a boat, get some grub and drinks, and enjoy the music.

Sunset cruises are yet another popular activity in San Pedro. It's spectacular being on a boat as the light fades and the sky darkens.

Cruises around the Catamaran Coast may be done either as full days, including snorkeling, or as sunset cruises only. Having dinner on a Belizean houseboat is an excellent way to have a fun and memorable contingent experience.


Many people visit Belize to unwind and enjoy the sun and sand. If you're searching for a location to spend a holiday with the family, on your own, or with a partner, Lighthouse beach has everything you need. Book your stay!


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