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The Safest Beach Vacation Destination During the COVID Pandemic: Lighthouse Beach Villas

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

The perfect vacation spot to escape the chaos of the COVID pandemic has been found! Lighthouse Beach Villas in San Pedro, Belize is a safe and healthy place to take a vacation during the COVID-19 pandemic. With a low crime rate, government-supported COVID regulations, sanitized accommodations, concierge services, on-site testing, and a private security team, there are few places safer than here to take a beach vacation.

Here’s why we’re sure you’ll be able to rest safe, sound, and COVID-free at our luxury beach villas:

Healthy, Unobtrusive COVID Regulations on Ambergris Caye

When it comes to vacation destinations, Ambergris Caye is the destination of choice for most safety-conscious tourists. The island is known for its magnificent beach and water sports, but most importantly, tourists know that Ambergris Caye is a safe place to go during the COVID pandemic.

The tourism industry in Belize is one of the country's major sources of income. Owing to this fact, the government has been very careful about regulating the activities related to tourism in order to prevent any possible COVID outbreak on the island. Workers from the Ministry of Health in Belize have begun cleaning up and sanitizing the seashores and communities of Ambergris Caye as well as its waterways.

Tourists are safe staying at our Lighthouse Beach Villas while they enjoy a COVID-free vacation here on the island.

Full Concierge Services

Lighthouse Beach Villas is the perfect place to get away from it all. There's no need to interact with anyone not in your vacation group or hotel staff. You can let us handle all your bookings and reservations for excursions, and anything else you need, like ordering food and groceries.

With a beach right outside your door, you can enjoy your time while staying safe from a potential outbreak. You'll be protected by our full concierge services so that there is a barrier between you and anyone who could potentially spread COVID to members of your group.

Easy On-site COVID-19 Testing at the Hotel for Travelers

Lighthouse Beach Villas is the safest destination to stay in if you're traveling to a beach destination during the COVID pandemic. The hotel provides on-site testing to all guests that are traveling during the time of the COVID outbreak.

Avoid the hassle of getting a test somewhere in town or at the airport and get tested right here at the hotel. Now that’s safe and easy!

Private, Thoroughly Cleaned Luxury Accommodation

We don’t have any shared rooms. You and your group will always get your own, thoroughly sanitized luxury beach villa.

"All of our units are thoroughly cleaned with state of the art cleaning machines before every arrival," said Lighthouse Beach Guest Services Manager Ileny. "Our guests know they will get a high level of service here."

Low Crime Rate in San Pedro

Tropical beach destinations are some of the top tourist attractions in the world. They are especially popular with families because of their beautiful beaches, warm weather, and swimming pools. However, many people are concerned about physical safety when traveling to tropical beach destinations during the COVID Pandemic.

Thankfully, San Pedro has maintained a very low crime rate despite the uncertainty wrought by the pandemic, and it’s exceptionally safe for tourists in our island city. Happy citizens don’t feel the need to commit crimes!

Private Security Services

Travelling to a vacation destination during the COVID Pandemic can be a stressful experience. However, at Lighthouse Beach Villas you can rest easy knowing that we have a Private Security Service on site. We work with the nearby Southside Security Police Station as well to ensure that you are safe and secure when you are staying here.

Our night guard, Jose, says “Overnight as you are fast asleep I am making sure that all is quiet on the island front… If something arises in the night, I am here to help you. It's a pleasure to serve you in any way I can.”

We Are a Belize Tourism Board Gold-Standard Property

As a Gold-Standard Property, certified by the Belize Tourism Board, we have implemented:

  • social distancing and the use of face masks while in public spaces;

  • online check-in/out, contactless payment systems, and automated ordering/booking systems;

  • hand sanitizing stations across the property;

  • enhanced room cleaning and increase sanitization of public spaces and high touch surfaces;

  • daily health checks for guests and employees;

  • designated ‘Isolation/Quarantine rooms’ for suspected Covid-19 cases and action plans for handling suspected employees or guests.

As you can see, we’ve taken extensive, government-approved measures to keep you and your loved ones safe during your beach vacation to Ambergris Caye. You won’t find a property safer!

Come to Lighthouse Beach Villas for a Great, Safe Vacation!

In the end, no matter where you plan on vacationing, it is of the utmost importance to stay safe. We recommend heading down to Lighthouse Beach Villas. The luxury accommodations are sure to make for a memorable, sanitary and stress-free vacation for you and your family or loved ones. Don’t waste a moment - book your vacation to Lighthouse Beach Villas today.

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Caleb Jost
Caleb Jost
06 janv. 2022

Sounds pretty convincing to me! 😜


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